Bulky collections are suspended, pre-existing orders will be honoured and collected on the scheduled day.
Our crews are working extremely hard to continue to empty your bins. However, some of our collection services have been affected because of reduced staffing levels. Some roads did not have their compostable bins collected on Thursday, March 26th in Hawkwell. Residents who have collections today may also experience some missed bins. The council has an additional collection crew on standby for Saturday to enable us to catch up.
If bins in your road were not emptied the advice is to leave your bin out and we will collect as soon as possible. Missed bins can be reported online
Please avoid putting out additional waste for collection. If every household puts out more waste than usual, the collection vehicles will fill up quicker. This could result in some households not having their waste collected, as well as placing additional strain on collection crews. The advice is to store your additional recycling within your home.

For all information relating to bin collections please visit

How do I manage my bins if I’m told to self-isolate? use this link for more information