Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is responsible for managing the activities of the Council staff and for advising Councillors on the potential implications of political decisions.

Rochford District Council’s Leadership Team consists of two Directors and seven Assistant Directors:

Managing Director - Shaun Scrutton

Shaun Scrutton
Managing Director

Angela Hutchings - Strategic Director

Angela Hutchings
Strategic Director

Assistant Directors

Commercial Services – Matt Harwood White

Transformation – Dawn Tribe

Democratic Services – John Bostock

Environmental Services – Marcus Hotten

Housing & Community Services and RIPA Officer – Louisa Moss

Legal Services & Monitoring Officer – Angela Law

Planning and Regeneration Services – Vacant

S151 Officer - Naomi Lucas

A full structure chart, including a breakdown of service areas for each Assistant Director, can be found in the Related Content section.

By law, senior Council staff are not allowed to participate in any party political activity and are expected to advise and assist all Councillors irrespective of their political affiliation. All officers are also covered by an Officer Code of Conduct, details of which can be found in the Related Content section.