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Rochford District Council takes strides towards enhanced public safety with new CCTV installation


Rochford District Council has installed CCTV cameras on Rayleigh High Street, in an effort to enhance public safety and address concerns related to crime and anti-social behaviour.

The new CCTV system is designed to assist community safety initiatives, employing both prevention and detection tactics to address anti-social behaviour and criminal activities effectively.

Six strategically positioned CCTV cameras have been installed outside of prominent establishments along Rayleigh High Street, with a seventh camera to be installed early December. These locations include Hair & Son, Peacocks, Favourite Chicken & Ribs, Rayleigh Lanes, UK Fitness Gym, The Red Door bar and M&S.

The CCTV system commenced operations on the 24th of November, providing round-the-clock coverage. An operational CCTV Control Room is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is operational all year round. It is directly linked with the local Police and serves as a hub for monitoring and responding to incidents promptly. The operators, in addition to their collaboration with law enforcement, will manage radio links for the town centre and late-night licensed premises.

Cllr Lisa Newport, Lead Member for Communities & Health of Rochford District Council’s joint administration said: “I am pleased that working closely with our community safety officers, we have been able to implement this new CCTV system in just four months since we have taken over the administration of the Council. This is not only a positive move for Rayleigh but for all those that visit Rayleigh, whether for work or play. The safety of our residents and visitors is of paramount importance to us. This new CCTV network is an important step forward for the Council, providing a vital resource to assist partners in tackling crime and disorder. By implementing these advanced security measures, we aim to instil confidence and help people in the district feel safer on our streets.”