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Rochford Council supports RSPCA #BangOutOfOrder campaign

Bonfire night and fireworks can be a nightmare for pets, wildlife and farm animals.

That is why Rochford District Council is raising awareness of the RSPCA’s ‘Bang Out Of Order’ campaign which is calling for fireworks regulations to be changed to protect our pets, wildlife and farm animals. The changes the campaign is calling for includes limiting the sale and usage of fireworks, implementing firework control zones and reducing the maximum noise levels for fireworks.

The RSPCA say thousands of pets, horses and livestock are affected by fireworks. Many hurt themselves in reaction to the noise and flashes or, in the worst cases, it can cause death. The campaign highlights it is not only animals that do not like the loud noises of fireworks, but also people with autism, vulnerable adults and young children.

Rochford District Council encourages residents to be considerate of pets during this time by opting for family-friendly and safely organised public fireworks displays. These events provide neighbours with the opportunity to prepare their animals for any distress as they are publicised in advance.

Cllr Lisa Newport, Lead Member for Communities & Health of Rochford District Council’s joint administration said, “I support the RSPCA’s bang out of order campaign to change fireworks regulations to help protect our pets, wildlife and farm animals. Bonfire Night is a cherished tradition but it's essential to recognise those in our community and our pets, who don’t like it. I would also encourage residents to attend the organised fireworks events we have in our District.”

For families and people who want to enjoy the fireworks, we are aware of the organised displays taking place on Saturday 4 November at the following locations:

  • King Georges Playing Field in Rayleigh
  • Belchamps Scout Activity Centre in Hockley
  • Rankins Cricket Club in Rochford
  • Riverside Primary School in Hullbridge

For more on the RSPCA campaign go to: