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New Administration appointed at Rochford District Council

A new Administration has been appointed to lead Rochford District Council after being voted in at Annual Council this week (Tuesday 21 May).

After the local elections earlier this month, the Council remained in 'no overall control'.

However, two political groups; the Liberal Democrats and Non-Aligned Group have formed a new Administration which will now lead the District.

Councillor James Newport has been appointed as the new Leader of the Council and Councillor Michael Hoy will serve as Deputy Leader.

Last year, Councillors agreed to change the governance process, which is the way the Council makes decisions from the leader-and-executive led structure to a Committee system. The new Committees will start holding their first meetings over the coming months.

Following the meeting of Annual Council, the Leader of Rochford District Council, Councillor James Newport, said: “I am truly honoured to be representing Rochford District Council in this role and I thank councillors for their support.

“I am extremely proud of our District and I look forward to working towards a shared set of priorities, putting residents views from the whole District, at the heart of those priorities. As we take to the new committee system, which we believe will create a more transparent, open and democratic council, I hope all councillors embrace this change – where we all have greater opportunity to take part in the decision-making process.”

Deputy Leader, Councillor Michael Hoy, added: "I'm excited to continue the plans and projects we initiated last year.  Our new Committees will play a crucial role in supporting these efforts."

The new council Committees and their Chairs/Vice Chairs are:

Strategy, Finance and Policy Committee

Chair: Cllr J Newport

Vice-Chair: Cllr M Hoy

Economic Development, Regeneration and Tourism Committee

Chair: Cllr M Hoy

Vice-Chair: Cllr M Sutton

Communities, Wellbeing and Housing Committee

Chair: Cllr L Newport

Vice-Chair: Cllr J Gooding

Environment and Climate Change Committee

Chair: Cllr C Stanley

Vice-Chair: Cllr J Gooding

Audit and Governance Committee

Chair: Cllr B Milne

Vice-Chair: Cllr S Wilson

Development Committee

Chair: Cllr R Linden

Vice-Chair: Cllr S Wilson

Licensing and Regulatory Committee

Chair: Cllr A Cross

Vice-Chair: Cllr R Lambourne

Planning Policy Committee

Chair: Cllr J Cripps

Vice-Chair: Cllr G Myers

Scrutiny and Performance Committee

Chair: Cllr D Efde

Vice-Chair: Cllr M Webb

Chief Officer Appointments Committee

Chair: Cllr L Newport

Vice-Chair: Cllr E Brewer

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