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Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live is a national campaign that aims to inspire, encourage and enable us to make where we live, work and play the kind of place we really want it to be. It's about making a difference ourselves, whether as individuals, groups, local authorities or companies.

Over the next three years the campaign plans on winning the hearts and minds of some 3 million people and 3,000 organisations, in order to reduce the amount of litter in England by 2020.

It's loving where we live that makes us want a great place to be even better. Whether it's the litter in our local park, the graffiti on the wall of a much-used community centre or a favourite canal-side walk in need of a clean up - if we love it, we want to do something to look after it.

Love Rochford District

We urge residents to Love Rochford District by not dropping their litter, by either disposing of it in the nearest litter bin or by taking it home.

If you would like to show your Love for the Rochford District by volunteering to litter pick your area we would love to hear from you. Please call Street Scene on 01702 318111 to register your interest.

Volunteer Litter Picking

If you, your town or parish council, school or local community group would like to carry out voluntary litter picking in the district, then we can help you by providing litter picking equipment and in some cases arranging the disposal of the litter collected.

Prior to organising or taking part in volunteer litter picking, please take the opportunity to read our Guidance for Volunteer Litter Pickers in 'In this section' area.