Hockley Woods

Hockley WoodsCovering over 130 hectares, Hockley Woods are the largest remaining area of the wild wood, which covered Essex after the Ice Age 10,000 years ago.

The woods are a complex mosaic of different trees, each species growing where conditions are most favourable. Oak and sweet chestnut grow on the higher ground; birch on the most acidic soils; hornbeam on the wet clays; willow, hazel and ash along the streams.

Many of the plants in the wood, such as the wild service tree, wood anemone, wood spurge and cow-wheat will only grow on the undisturbed soils of ancient woods.

Hockley Woods have survived because they have been coppice managed as a valuable resource.

Access to the woods is unrestricted; there is a car park off Main Road (SS5 4RN). Details about charges at the car park are in the Related Content section.

A walk leaflet is available from the Council Offices denoting two way marked walks.

The gates to Hockley Woods will open at 7am and close at 6.30pm.

Woodlands Sales

All orders for Woodland sales are taken by Customer Services, for further information please telephone Customer Services on 01702 318111. Payment is accepted by card.

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*For firewood information and advice, please follow this link

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Rustic fencing stakes - 6ft Chestnut Pointed End Delivered or collected

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Advice for our wood fuel customers

Variety, volume and size

All our firewood is produced from local sustainably managed woodlands and your purchase may include a mix of one or more of the following hardwoods: Oak, Ash, Hornbeam, Birch Hazel and sweet Chestnut.

Logs are delivered as a truck load, approximately 2 cubic meters loose load.

The logs are between 8 and 12 inches in length. Varied widths, some may require splitting again. If you have a small stove, measuring across the opening of your stove will indicate if these logs will be suitable.

Pre burning advice

Logs are cut and split in the spring and stored in a sunny position in our wood yard until delivery.

It may be necessary that before burning, the firewood is further seasoned at home, ideally being left to dry in a sunny position covered from the rain.

Bringing a basket of firewood into the home a day or so before burning will reduce the moisture further. Firewood varies in its ability to dry, for instance Oak can take much longer than other woods.

Wet wood produces less heat and more pollution.

A simple moisture meter placed across the grain can help tell you when your wood is ready to burn.

Ideally less than 20% moisture content will give you the most heat and efficiency, keeping your home warmer and your air cleaner to breathe.

Clear air strategy 2019*

The government announced plans as part of its Clear Air Strategy 2019 to limit the sale of wood fuel with too much moisture, unless it's to be seasoned at home.

By purchasing firewood from us you are already helping conserve a wide range of wildlife through the planned management of your local woods, and the trees re-growing in the woodland plots help absorb local co2.

By following the simple steps above you can help improve your local environment further, reduce pollution and continue to heat your home sustainably.

*You can read more on the Clean Air Strategy 2019 in Related Content section.

Thank you for your support.