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Council Tax Support Review

We are currently reviewing Council Tax Support (CTS) for customers who are working age. The reviews will make sure that the support you are getting is correct.

If we have written to you about a review, you must complete the review from by clicking on the link below within 21 days of the date of the letter.

Before completing the form, you must have details of all your household income. The form may ask you for the following proof.

  • Your most recent Universal Credit statement including the full breakdown
  • Proof of any benefit you get
  • Your most recent wage slip
  • Your partner’s most recent wage slips

The proof can be provided as a screenshot or photo from your smart phone or tablet.

To complete, please visit our Council Tax Support Review Form.

If we have not written to you, please do not complete this review form.

If you need to make a new application for Council Tax Support, or tell us about a change in your circumstances please visit our Local Council Tax Support page.

Our Local Council Tax Support Scheme for Working Age People

Since April 2022 we have changed the way we calculate Council Tax Support (CTS) for working age people. The support is now calculated based on the net income received by the applicant, and any partner. That net income will place you in an income band. That band relates to the percentage support you will receive off your Council Tax Liability.

CTS is a discount on your Council Tax account, and not a benefit. Where there is an award of CTS, the bill will show the CTS code and percentage support. We will no longer send CTS letters.

Working age applicants must pay at least 25% of their Council Tax charge. The table below shows the income bands and code that will appear on the bill. The percentage support that will be applied to the Council Tax account can also be seen.  

Household Weekly Income £0-£100 WEEKLY INCOME £100.01-£175 WEEKLY INCOME £175.01-£250 WEEKLY INCOME £250.01-£325 WEEKLY INCOME £325.01-£400 WEEKLY INCOME £400+
Single person A1 (75%) A2 (50%) A3 (25%) 0% 0% 0%
Couple with no children B1 (75%) B2 (50%) B3 (25%) 0% 0% 0%
Single with 1 child C1 (75%) C2 (75%) C3 (50%) C4 (25%) 0% 0%
Couple with 1 child D1 (75%) D2 (75%) D3 (50%) D4 (25%) 0% 0%
Single with 2 or more children E1 (75%) E2 (75%) E3 (75%) E4 (50%) E5 (25%) 0%
Couple with 2 or more children F1 (75%) F2 (75%) F3 (75%) F4 (50%) F5 (25%) 0%

The other main points of the new working age CTS scheme are:

  • Applicants who receive Income Support, Employment Support Allowance (income related) or Job Seeker’s Allowance (Income based) will automatically receive 75% support. 
  • The income bands shown in the above table are net weekly amounts. This means income once Tax, National Insurance and half of any work-related pension has been deducted.
  • Applicants with savings above £6,000 will not qualify.
  • For applicants that are working, the first £20 per week of any household earnings will be ignored.
  • Payments from Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Armed Forces Independent Payments, Child Benefit and Child Maintenance will be ignored when working out net weekly income. For more details on which incomes are included and which are ignored please see the Council Tax Support Relevant Income page.
  • The income of any adults who live in the property, who are not the applicant’s partner, will not affect the level of support.
  • For applicants who are in receipt of Universal Credit the following elements will be disregarded when calculating the level of income:
    • Housing costs element
    • Carer’s element
    • Limited capability for work element
    • Disabled child element.