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Council Tax Support Relevant Income

If you are not claiming Universal Credit and make a claim for Council Tax Support (CTS) you will be asked if you have any other income that you have not told us about in the form. To make sure you get the correct level of support you must add all relevant income together as a weekly figure. Below is a list of which incomes you need to include and which you do not.

Income Included as Income Yes/No
Attendance Allowance No
Armed Forces Independence Payment No
Bereavement Allowance Yes
Bereavement Support Payment Yes
Child Benefit No
Charitable payment from friends and family No
Child Benefit No
Child Tax Credit Yes
Disabled Living Allowance No
Bursary for a student Yes
Employment and Support Allowance Yes
Fostering Allowance No
Guardians Allowance No
Incapacity Benefit Yes
Carers Allowance Yes
Industrial Injuries Benefit Yes
Industrial Widows Pension Yes
Incapacity Benefit Yes
Job Seeker’s Allowance Yes
Maternity Allowance Yes
Maintenance for a child No
Maintenance for anyone other than a child Yes
New State Retirement Pension Yes
Occupational Pension Yes
Personal Independence Payments No
Private Pension Yes
Rent received from a tenant, lodger, or boarder Yes
Severe Disablement Allowance No
State Retirement Pension Yes
Statutory Sick Pay Yes
Statutory Maternity Pay Yes
Statutory Paternity Pay Yes
Student Loan Yes
Student Grant Yes
War Disablement Pension No
Widows Pension Yes
Widowed Mother’s Allowance No
Widowed Parents Allowance No
Working Tax Credit Yes
War Widows Pension No

If you have any other source of income that is not on the above list or included on the form, contact us using this form.