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Bleed control kits distributed in Rayleigh to help save lives

In a proactive move to enhance community safety and aid victims of an emergency involving traumatic injury, 10 bleed control kits have been installed in Rayleigh.

These lifesaving kits are designed to empower the public to respond effectively to catastrophic bleeding situations until professional medical help arrives. They were requested by members of the Rayleigh Pub Watch Scheme and have been funded by the Essex County Council Locality Fund after being nominated by Councillor James Newport, who represents the Rayleigh North Division.

Each bleed control kit is equipped with essential items for controlling severe bleeding, including a trauma dressing, gauze dressing, chest seal, tourniquet, gloves, and scissors. The kits are designed to be used by members of the public to provide help before the arrival of emergency services.

The kits have been installed in the following licensed premises within the Rayleigh area: Paul Pry, Travellers Joy, The Roebuck, The Rayleigh Lanes Snooker Club, Ye Old Crowne, The Spread Eagle, The Oysterwharf, The Crafty Casks, The Pink Toothbrush and the Rayleigh Lodge.

The request was originally generated from the Rayleigh Pub Watch members following an increase in the types of incidents taking place within the UK, specifically those involving knife crime. These kits aim to provide critical support to victims during emergencies, potentially saving lives in the process.

Cllr Lisa Newport, Lead Member for Communities & Health of Rochford District Council’s Joint Administration said: "On average, it takes an ambulance about seven minutes to reach a patient. In cases where someone is wounded, whether due to a road traffic accident, a serious fall, or, in the rare event of a knife attack, these kits empower members of our community to take action and save lives while awaiting the arrival of emergency services. Thank you to Cllr Newport for securing the funding these kits for our Rayleigh Pub Watch members. We hope to secure further funding in the coming year to expand this scheme and provide broader coverage across the District."

Cllr James Newport, Essex County Councillor for Rayleigh North and Deputy Leader of Rochford District Council’s Joint Administration, added: “These lifesaving kits are a simple but clever idea that equips users with the necessary equipment and instructions to save a life. That is why it was important for me to support this initiative. In situations involving catastrophic bleeding, every second is vital, and these kits truly could make all the difference to our community. Whilst I hope they are never used – it’s good to know they are there if needed."

Tony Lord, Chairperson of Rayleigh Pub Watch and Manager of the Pink Toothbrush said: “These bleed kits are an essential piece of equipment for any venue in my opinion. Having dealt with a stabbing as a first aider before these kits were available, I have seen how important these kits can be! Many thanks to the council for issuing these.”