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Planning Performance Agreements

Some larger and more complex planning applications would most appropriately be dealt with through a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) which is defined as 'an agreement between a local planning authority and an applicant to provide a project management framework for handing a major planning application'.

More information about PPAs is contained in the PPA Charter in Related Content.

If your proposal is determined to be a potential candidate for a PPA by the Planning Officer dealing with your initial request for pre-application advice, this option will be discussed and offered to you, usually at the first meeting.

PPAs are subject to a different charging structure to pre-application advice requests. Please email Planning Applications to find out more.


a) Pre-application advice will assist in the submission of a complete and accurate application for planning permission which complies with the relevant policies, plans and guidance. However, Council Officers cannot give any guarantees about the eventual decision that will be made on a formal application at the pre-application stage. The final decision on planning applications is made by Council Members via the Development Committee, or in some cases by senior officers. Decisions are only made after consultations with adjoining occupiers, statutory consultative bodies and other interested parties following receipt of a formal planning application and a detailed assessment of the facts of the case.