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Listed Buildings

Buildings of architectural or historic interest make an important contribution to the character of the Rochford District and many are of significant importance as individual buildings in their own right. The Council has a duty to preserve their qualities for both present and future generations.

Although pressure for development can pose a threat to the survival of these buildings, the greatest danger is from damage caused by crude or ill-advised improvements or alterations.

Pre-application Advice

Pre-application advice is available for any development proposals for Listed Buildings prior to submission of a planning application. This can take the form of written advice or a meeting followed by written advice, however, it should be noted that fees will apply. The fee charges for pre-application advice can be found on our Pre-Application Advice page.

Nationally Listed Buildings

Buildings and items of street furniture which are heritage assets of national historical or architectural significance are given Listed Building status under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. This is a statutory designation which gives those on the list significant protection within the planning system.

The document called 'Listed Buildings in the Rochford District' in Related Content provides the name and address for each listed building in the District. The asset numbers or address can be used to search the official national heritage list on the English Heritage website, which can be accessed in Related Content

Locally Listed Buildings 

The Local List identifies buildings and items of street furniture which are considered to be of local historical or architectural importance (local heritage assets or LHAs), and gives them additional protection through the planning system. This means that it offers advice and guidance rather than providing new policy. Although the Local List does not afford statutory protection, the Council will work with owners of LHAs to provide guidance and advice, to ensure their retention and sympathetic enhancement, where appropriate.

The Local List was adopted by the Council on 17 December 2013 and can be viewed in Related Content.