Buying and Selling a Property

Environmental Information Contaminated Land

Before you buy a property you should have an Environmental search in order to find out if a property is likely to be affected by contamination.

Solicitors and conveyancers normally carry out these searches on your behalf, for example an Envirosearch or Homecheck report.

If potential contaminated land is identified in the search, further enquires are normally made to us. These are called Environmental Information Requests.

Information we hold

We may be able to provide information about contamination at a particular property. We must provide this in line with the Environmental Information Regulations, which give you the right to get information we hold about matters relating to the Environment, although some conditions and exemptions apply.

Can you advise me whether I should buy a particular property or land?

Although we are often approached for this advice, we can only provide factual information, not opinion. We will always try to be as helpful as we can, but unfortunately, having done your research and obtained your information, it will be up to you and most likely your legal advisors to make such decisions.

How can I apply for environmental information about a property?

We would strongly suggest that your solicitor or conveyancer makes an application on your behalf; however you can apply directly.

Print off an application form from the Related Content section, unfortunately because a standard fee is required with the application, we are unable to accept them by e-mail or on-line at the moment.

Fill in the application form with as much detail and information as you can about your enquiry, if one of the boxes does not apply please cross it through.

Tell us how far back in time you want the information

You must provide a map to show the exact area you are asking about.

How much does it cost?

A standard fee of £202.90 is required for all applications, this allows us to carry out up to four hours work. This is normally enough for most enquires, however, if your request involves extensive investigation, the following charges apply.

Over 4 hours £202.90 plus £50.70 per hour thereafter

If we think your application will take more than four hours we will tell you.

What happens next?

Return your form, map and payment to the us, our full address is provided on the application form

Once we have received the application, we will respond with a written reply within 20 working days.

Where can I find out more information?

You can find out more about making an Environmental Information Request, and what rights you have to information on the Information Commissioner’s website, please see the Related Content section.

For solicitors we have provided information given by the law society in 2001 regarding contaminated land.

If you have any further questions about Contaminated land you can contact us by telephoning our Customer Services team on 01702 318111, or e-mailing using this form