St Andrews Church in Ashingdon

Ashingdon is a large parish which borders the River Crouch in the north and extends south to meet the town of Rochford. It is an area of residential streets intermingled with many local shops. The parish includes the hamlet of South Fambridge which nestles close to the River Crouch.

Did you know?

In 1016 the Danes, led by King Canute, met the Saxon army of Edmund Ironside in a very significant battle in the Crouch Valley between Ashingdon and Canewdon. Canute won the battle, some say as a result of treachery by Edmund Ironside's commanders, and as a result it was agreed that both should share the kingdom. Canute later built a church at Ashingdon to commemorate the souls of those killed in the battle and appointed Stigand as its priest. Stigand later became the Archbishop of Canterbury and crowned William the Conqueror.