Industrial chimneys

Air quality

Environmental Health carries out monitoring of air quality across the District. This page provides the results, what they mean, and more information about air quality.

A photo of a dog

Animal welfare

This section of the website deals with Animal Welfare and offers guidance to ensure the proper care, management and handling of animals.

Muddy, polluted land

Contaminated land

The Environmental Health Team is responsible for carrying out the duties under the contaminated land strategy as well as advising on site investigation and remediation reports submitted though the planning and building control process

a running water tap

Drinking water quality

The Environmental Health team deal with enquiries about the quality of drinking water.

Folded up paper on a shelf

Environmental information requests

How to request access to environmental information held by the Council.

the 3 different bins of the Rochford recycling scheme


All households in the Rochford District are provided with three bins, including flats and parkland homes. One for compostables, one for recyclables and one for non-recyclables.

A photo of a rat

Pest control

Information about pests and pests control in the District

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Pesticides ban

Advice about which pesticides are safe for use and which are banned.

a bonfire burning

Pollution and nuisance

Environmental Health investigate complaints about nuisances such as noise, smoke from bonfires, fumes, odour, and light
Litter in the street

Street scene

Street scene includes - Litter, dog fouling, graffiti / fly-posting, abandoned vehicles and fly tipping
a large tree in Cherry Orchard country park

Wildlife and trees

Information about the responsibilities of the Woodlands Team, hedgerow regulation and tree preservation orders