This section deals with issues ranging from waste collection and recycling to monitoring of air quality and from pest control to investigations of noise complaints, all with the aim of protecting and improving Public Health and the environment in which the residents of the Rochford District live.




Tree Preservation

An image of a tree.The District of Rochford is very fortunate to be blessed with a variety of spectacular and valuable trees.

Through various means of protection, the council aims to preserve and maintain a level of green amenity, for the present and future generations to enjoy and benefit from.

Information on Tree Preservation Find out if a tree is protected.
Woodlands, Parks and Open Spaces Request to serve a Tree Preservation Order

Pest Control

An image of an insect.Use the link below to access a range of pest control advice leaflets that give some general advice and guidance on the most common pest problems, including ways to prevent infestations.

In addition we have advice leaflets on some common garden visitors such as badgers and foxes.

Information on pest control

Animal Welfare

An image of a dog.The Council supports the view that all animals have a right to life free from cruel treatment and unnecessary suffering. This Council cannot enforce or influence every aspect of animal welfare, but it does aim to detail those areas that the council considers important and where it feels it can have some influence as a responsible and representative public body.

Information on animal welfare Report a dead animal
Information on circuses