Young eco-warriors take part in #CommunityLitterPick

Monday, November 26, 2018



Young eco-warriors from Holt Farm Junior School have taken part in a #CommunityLitterPick to take care of their local park.


Pupils from the school’s ‘Eco Team’ joined local residents and councillors to tidy up Magnolia Nature Reserve, Hawkwell, using specialist equipment provided by Rochford District Council.


Their teacher, Miss Bines, said: “We started the ‘Eco Team’ up to try to show the children how important our environment is. We’re trying to teach the children that it’s the world we live in and our environment, and doing things like this will help to ensure they are not littering themselves.”


The team picked up bags full of tin cans, crisp packets, and even an old boot and a crash helmet, and were keen to tell others not to litter in their local environment.


Pupil Evie Aldrich, aged ten, added: “You can use a plastic bag and you can put all your rubbish in it, just carry it with you and when you find a bin put it in, instead of being lazy and just chucking it away.”


Hawkwell resident Carol Carter, who also took part in the litter pick, regularly helps to clean up her local area.

She said: “I do it because it’s my environment and it’s for all of our benefit to keep Hawkwell clean and tidy. We live in it. My two hates are litter and graffiti and I can’t see the point to either.”


Rochford District Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Cllr Arthur Williams, said: “I would like to thank everyone who turned out in the cold today for this community litter pick, it’s great to see the pupils from Holt Farm Junior School working together with local residents to keep their park clean and tidy.

“If your community or school would like to organise a litter pick we are happy to support your efforts and will provide equipment, please just contact the Council.”


If you take part in a similar event please use the hashtag #CommunityLitterPick, tag us in on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts (RochfordDC) and we’ll share your efforts. You can contact the Council at to arrange to borrow equipment.