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What is Solar Together?

Solar Together is a unique group-buying scheme for solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage.

This scheme will make solar PV and batteries more accessible and more affordable for a great number of people.

With a group-buying scheme, it becomes easier to buy your solar PV system and battery storage. And by buying together, you gain a competitive price. iChoosr is the owner of Solar together and a group-buying specialist in this field, who cooperates with participating local authorities to deliver the scheme.

Local authorities work together with iChoosr to promote Solar Together in your area. We want to help residents to get a solar PV system installed on their homes and perhaps battery storage, at an affordable price and help local authorities reach their carbon reduction targets.

We group residents from across the country to increase our bargaining power, and to ensure you get the most competitive offer from our pre-vetted installers. Our dedicated helpdesk is on hand to handle all your enquiries via our online contact form, over the phone and social media.

Who is iChoosr?

iChoosr is an independent expert in group-buying and has been organising schemes with councils and other community leaders in the UK since 2012. They have worked with over 160 councils to deliver collective energy switching schemes nationwide in the UK helping residents save more than £47 million since 2012. They have been running group-buying for solar schemes in the UK and mainland Europe since 2015.

iChoosr’s primary role is to support local authorities to deliver Solar Together locally as well as maintain and run the online platform. iChoosr also provides support and advice to participants via the online helpdesk and call centre.

If you choose to accept your personal recommendation, iChoosr receives a fee that is shared with your local authority to ensure they can continue to promote Solar Together locally.

iChoosr also works with local authorities across the UK to deliver collective energy switching schemes. If you are interested, please visit their website to see if there is a scheme in your area.

Solar Together | Rochford District Council