South East Ashingdon Development

The Council has received a Planning Application from Bloor Homes, Aber Ltd., A. W. Squier Ltd. and D. W. Squier Ltd. for the development of land south of Oxford Road, east of Ashingdon Road and north of The Drive and Rochford Garden Way. The exact site to which the application relates can be found on the 'Planning Application Boundary ' plan found in the Parameter plans file in the black 'Documents' tab on this page.
The application is a hybrid type application for the demolition of Nos. 148 and 150 Ashingdon Road, the formation of an access to serve the development off Ashingdon Road involving the removal of a preserved tree in the highway, the formation of a secondary access onto Percy Cottis Road and the  development of the site for 662 dwellings and community use building. The application is submitted in outline form overall but with the first phase of 223 dwellings submitted for consideration in detail.
Please note, this application has been revised. The following key changes relate to the application proposal; 
  • Revised proposal description and reduction in total number of dwellings proposed from 665 to 662. 
  • Changes to the proposed design and layout within Phases 1, 2 and 3. 
  • Updated Design and Access Statement and Design Code 
  • Additional Transport Assessment Addendum 
  • Additional Geophysical Survey Report 
A full summary of changes to the proposal can be found in the submitted Covering Letter dated 30th September 2020
The application form, plans and other documentation submitted can be viewed as individual items via the individual links in the black 'Documents' and ‘Revised Documents’ tab at the top of the page.
The application was presented to the Development Committee on the 24th June 2021 and the committee resolved to refuse planning permission for the following reason; 
‘In the absence of a definition of severe, it was for the local planning authority to determine whether a severe impact would result and in this case it was considered that the development would result in a severe impact on the local highway network.’

The developer has lodged an appeal against this decision with the Planning Inspectorate and the Council await a start letter from the Planning Inspectorate which will set out the procedure and timetable for the appeal. 
Revised Documents
PDF icon Cover Letter vF.pdf325.6 KB21733
PDF icon Geophysical Report.pdf5.36 MB21869
PDF icon REVISED Design and Access Statement.pdf7.83 MB21734
PDF icon REVISED Design Code.pdf6.21 MB21735
PDF icon REVISED Illustrative Landscape Masterplan.pdf3.75 MB21736
PDF icon REVISED Indicative Phasing Plan.pdf3.21 MB21737
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 - Concept On-plot Proposals.pdf6.11 MB21738
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 - Enclosures Plan.pdf6.55 MB21739
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 - Entrance Avenue Landscape Proposals.pdf8.92 MB21740
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 - Illustrative Site Section over Southern ditch.pdf1.11 MB21741
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 - Layout.pdf9.17 MB21742
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 - Refuse Strategy Layout.pdf6.92 MB21743
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 Design Statement.pdf8.28 MB21744
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 Garden Sizes Plan.pdf7.34 MB21745
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 Materials Layout.pdf7.02 MB21746
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 Parking Strategy Plan.pdf6.58 MB21747
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 Part M Plan.pdf6.84 MB21748
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 Storey Heights Plan.pdf499.83 KB21749
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 Street Scenes LR.pdf2.41 MB21750
PDF icon REVISED Phase 1 Tenure Plan.pdf6.57 MB21751
PDF icon REVISED Phase 2 & 3 Layout (with schedule).pdf17.33 MB21752
PDF icon REVISED Phase 2 & 3 Storey Heights Plan.pdf8.39 MB21753
PDF icon REVISED Phase2&3 Illustrative Landscape Plan Sh1of2.pdf3.56 MB21754
PDF icon REVISED Phase2&3 Illustrative Landscape Plan Sh2of2.pdf3.36 MB21755
PDF icon REVISED Rochford House Type Pack Part 1 of 3.pdf6.76 MB21756
PDF icon REVISED Rochford House Type Pack Part 2 of 3.pdf6.45 MB21757
PDF icon REVISED Rochford House Type Pack Part 3 of 3.pdf9.05 MB21758
PDF icon Transport Assessment Addendum.pdf3.36 MB21870
PDF icon Reptile Mitigation Strategy.pdf1.99 MB21960
PDF icon Air Quality Addendum.pdf928.11 KB21961
PDF icon Design Report - DAS.pdf7.9 MB21129
PDF icon Design Report - Design Code.pdf6.02 MB21130
PDF icon Design Report - House Types.pdf4.52 MB21131
PDF icon Design Report - Phase 1 Design Statement.pdf3.96 MB21132
PDF icon Drainage Plan - Drainage Strategy.pdf2.21 MB21134
PDF icon Drainage Plan - Eastern Culvert Plan and Sections.pdf1.57 MB21135
PDF icon Drainage Plan - Informative Drainage Schematic Plan.pdf315.55 KB21136
PDF icon Drainage Plan - Western Culvert Plan and Sections.pdf1.71 MB21137
PDF icon Highway Plan - Site Access from Percy Cottage Road.pdf258.18 KB21139
PDF icon Highway Plan - Ashingdon Road Existing.pdf878.66 KB21140
PDF icon Highway Plan - Ashingdon Road-Hall Road-West Street.pdf157.52 KB21141
PDF icon Highway Plan - Emergency Access.pdf575.23 KB21142
PDF icon Highway Plan - Highway General Arrangement.pdf3.3 MB21143
PDF icon Highway Plan - Junction Improvements (2).pdf379.68 KB21144
PDF icon Highway Plan - Junction Improvements.pdf304.54 KB21145
PDF icon Highway Plan - Pedestrian Access from Ashingdon Road.pdf280 KB21146
PDF icon Highway Plan - Site Access from Ashingdon Road (2).pdf469.02 KB21147
PDF icon Highway Plan - Site Access from Ashingdon Road.pdf958.07 KB21148
PDF icon Highway Plan - Southend Road-Sutton Road.pdf140.9 KB21149
PDF icon Highway Plan - Site Access from Oxford Road.pdf221.4 KB21150
PDF icon Highway Plan - Swept Paths.pdf1.57 MB21151
PDF icon Highway Plan - Visibility Splays.pdf1.28 MB21152
PDF icon Illustrative Masterplan.pdf7.12 MB21153
PDF icon Landscape Plan - Illustrative Landscape Masterplan.pdf2.33 MB21154
PDF icon Landscape Plan - Play Space Concept Masterplan (Eastern Parkland).pdf4.91 MB21155
PDF icon Parameter Plan - Development Platform.pdf3.98 MB21156
PDF icon Parameter Plan - Indicative Phasing Plan.pdf308.17 KB21157
PDF icon Parameter Plan - Land Use and Access.pdf2.43 MB21158
PDF icon Parameter Plan - Location Plan.pdf282.08 KB21161
PDF icon Parameter Plan - Trees, Hedgerows and Buildings.pdf2.21 MB21160
PDF icon Phase 1 - Bike Store.pdf133.27 KB21163
PDF icon Phase 1 - Bin Store.pdf298.36 KB21164
PDF icon Phase 1 - Concept On-Plot Landscape Plan.pdf4.14 MB21165
PDF icon Phase 1 - Enclosures Layout- Phase 1.pdf957.68 KB21166
PDF icon Phase 1 - Enclosures details.pdf278.84 KB21177
PDF icon Phase 1 - Entrance Avenue Landscape Proposals.pdf4.76 MB21167
PDF icon Phase 1 - External Levels.pdf2.74 MB21168
PDF icon Phase 1 - Garden Sizes Plan.pdf808.87 KB21169
PDF icon Phase 1 - Layout.pdf5.96 MB21170
PDF icon Phase 1 - Materials Layout.pdf907.81 KB21171
PDF icon Phase 1 - Parking Strategy.pdf921.64 KB21172
PDF icon Phase 1 - Part M.pdf785.27 KB21173
PDF icon Phase 1 - Refuse Strategy Plan.pdf825.1 KB21174
PDF icon Phase 1 - Tenure Plan.pdf819.33 KB21175
PDF icon Phase1 - Streetscenes.pdf1.85 MB21176
PDF icon Phase 2 & 3 - Layout Plan.pdf7.87 MB21181
PDF icon Phase 2&3 - Accommodation Schedule.pdf77.88 KB21182
PDF icon Application Form.pdf6.45 MB21183
PDF icon Cover Letter.pdf248.47 KB21184
PDF icon Planning Statement.pdf1.45 MB21185
PDF icon Ashingdon Road_Statement of Community Invovlement.pdf875.7 KB21186
PDF icon Statement of Community Invovlement - Appendices.pdf17.96 MB21187
PDF icon Statement of Community Invovlement.pdf18.9 MB21188
PDF icon Air Quality Assessment.pdf1.82 MB21189
PDF icon Arboricultural Impact Assessment.pdf6.95 MB21190
PDF icon Archaeology DBA report.pdf3.73 MB21191
PDF icon Environmental Impact Assessment.pdf5.73 MB21192
PDF icon Flood Risk Assessment.pdf43.25 MB21193
PDF icon Habitats Regs Assessment.pdf1.52 MB21194
PDF icon Health Impact Assessment.pdf1.23 MB21195
PDF icon Landscape Visual Impact Assessment.pdf65.6 MB21196
PDF icon Minerals resource assessment.pdf15.95 MB21197
PDF icon Noise Assessment.pdf7.37 MB21198
PDF icon Sustainability Statement.pdf622.83 KB21199
PDF icon Transport Assessment.pdf94.91 MB21200

Following refusal of planning application 20/00363/OUT, an appeal was lodged with the planning inspectorate. The Planning Inspectorate deals with planning appeals, national infrastructure planning applications, examinations of local plans and other planning-related and specialist casework in England.

The start letter below sets out the timetable for all interested parties; appellants, the Council, residents, statutory consultees etc. to adhere to. Details of the venue will be provided in due course. 

Further details are available here

PDF icon Appeal Start Letter.pdf55.54 KB22581
PDF icon Appellants Statement.pdf7.01 MB22611
PDF icon Rule 6 Contributor Letter - REDACTED.pdf6.87 MB22616