Rochford Budget Consultation 2022

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Rochford Budget Consultation 2022

Each year the Council has to set a budget that balances spending on services with its available resources. 

In the current year (2022/2023), this is how the Council’s services are funded.

How Rochford District Council Services are Funded

Income SourceValue
New Homes Bonus£0.7 million
Retained Business Rates£0.9 million
Council Tax£8.0 million
Use of Reserves£0.7 million
Other Grants£0.2 million
General Balance contribution£0.02 million
Total (may not add due to rounding)£10.4 million


High levels of inflation and the residual impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are creating additional financial pressures for the council to manage. The council is committed to supporting the district through these challenges and will continue to develop and deliver its transformative plans; however, to keep balancing its budget, it is likely that the council will have to increase its income and reduce its spending. 

On average, each household will pay £1,993.97 in council tax in 2022/2023. Only a fraction of that - £245.16 – is paid to Rochford District Council to help fund the services it provides to local people and businesses.


Figure 1: Average Band D Council Tax Breakdown

Average Band D Council Tax Breakdown of Charges

Band D ChargesValue
Essex County Council (Including Social Care Levy)£1401.12
Rochford District Council£245.16
Parishes (average)£53.84


The council would like your views on how it spends its money and how it might raise more money to help close its budget gap.

The information from this survey will be used by councillors as they set the budget and council tax for 2023/2024.


Take part in the Budget Consultation 2022