Rochford Budget Consultation 2020-2021

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Each year the Council has to set a budget that balances spending on services with its available resources.

In the current year (2020/2021), this is how the Council’s services are funded.

decorative pie chart showing a breakdown of how Rochford District Council's services are funded. The same information can be gathered from the following table.

How Rochford District Council Services are Funded

Income Source Value
New Homes Bonus £0.5 million
Retained Business Rates £2.3 million
Council Tax £7.5 million


In recent years, the government has phased out its Revenue Support Grant (RSG) to the council. For the past few years Rochford Council has received no Revenue Support Grant from the government at all. This means the council must generate all its income to fund general service expenditure from council tax, business rates or fees and charges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the residents and businesses of the district. It has also created additional financial pressures for the council to manage. However, the council is committed to supporting the district through the recovery phase and will also continue to develop and deliver its transformative plans. For this reason, you will not find any questions specifically focused on the financial impact of the pandemic or recovery from it. Delivery of services and regeneration of the district is the most effective way that the council can help residents and businesses to recover from the effects of the pandemic. However, if you have any views on this that you wish to be considered please use the ‘any other comments’ facility.

To keep balancing its budget, it is likely that the council will have to increase its income and reduce its spending. On current forecasts, if the council takes no action, it expects to have a shortfall in its budget of around £0.6million in 2021/2022 (around 5% of expected spend) rising to £2.6 million in 2025/26 (around 20% of expected spend).

On average, each household paid £1,880.63 in council tax in 2020/2021. Only a fraction of that - £235.26 – was paid to Rochford District Council to help fund the services it provides to local people and businesses.

Figure 1: Average Band D Council Tax Breakdown

decorative pie chart showing a breakdown of average D Band tax charges. The same information can be gathered from the following table.

Average Band D Council Tax Breakdown of Charges

Band D Charges Value
Essex County Council (Including Social Care Levy) £1321.11
Rochford District Council £235.26
Police £198.63
Fire £73.89
Parishes (average) £51.74


The council would like your views on how it spends its money and how it might raise more money to help close its budget gap.

The information from this survey will be used by councillors as they set the budget and council tax for 2021/2022.

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