Planning Enforcement Appeal - 94 Eastwood Rise, Eastwood, SS9 5BU

On the 25th of October 2021, Rochford District Council issued and served and enforcement notice on the Land known as Land adjacent 94 Eastwood Rise, Eastwood, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 5BU. The identified breach of planning control being described as: 

Without planning permission, the material change of use of land from open grass verge to use as domestic garden (the grass verge is shown hatched on the attached plan) and erection of a 1.8m high close boarded timber fence adjacent the highway and enclosing the land, shown in the approximate position marked by XXX from point A to B shown on the attached plan.

An appeal to the planning inspectorate was lodged by the landowners and this page provides both the Appellants' case and the Council's case. 

The start letter provides key dates relating to the progression of this appeal. 

The appeal is to be decided by  informal hearing. The procedure to be followed is set out in the Town and Country Planning (Hearings Procedure) (England) Rules 2000, as amended. The event date is yet to be set. 

Anyone wishing to make comments, or modify/withdraw your previous representation, can do so on the Planning Portal at   or by emailing  . If you do not have access to the internet, you can send your comments to: 

Eleanor Morris

The Planning Inspectorate





All representations must be received by  04 February 2022, the final comments by 25 February 2022.  Any representations submitted after the deadline will not usually be considered and will be returned. The Planning Inspectorate does not acknowledge representations. All representations must quote the appeal reference.

Please note that any representations you submit to the Planning Inspectorate will be copied to the appellant and this local planning authority and will be considered by the Inspector when determining the appeal. 

When made, the decision will be published online at