Statement of Community Involvement Consultation

Statement of Community Involvement Addendums consultation now closed

What is a Statement of Community Involvement?
A Statement of Community Involvement is a document that sets out how local residents and other interested parties can expect to be consulted and engaged in the planning process. The Council’s existing Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) was adopted in 2016 and can be viewed by clicking the relevant link under Related Content.
What are you consulting on?
Between Thursday 18th July and Thursday 29th August 2019, Rochford District Council consulted  on proposed amendments and additions to its adopted Statement of Community Involvement. 

These amendments relate to Data Protection and Neighbourhood Planning.

The amendments relating to Data Protection would be inserted at the end of the Introduction of the Council’s adopted Statement of Community Involvement.

The amendments relating to Neighbourhood Planning would replace Paragraph 2.21 of the Council’s adopted Statement of Community Involvement

The representations received to the consultation can be viewed in full at:
What will happen next?
The Council will now consider the comments received and, if necessary, consider revising the amendments. After this process has taken place, the Council will consider whether to adopt the amendments into its Statement of Community Involvement at which stage the proposed amendments will be made.