1App - National Planning Application Form

1APP in its online form will intelligently determine the planning consent type required, and specify the LPAs additional information requirements, significantly increasing the chances of a valid application being submitted first time. This benefits both the applicant and the LPA staff who process the application, potentially resulting in a faster decision.

If you're a planning professional:

You will benefit from

  • a simpler, streamlined application process
  • familiarising yourself with just one form for all your applications
  • saving standard information (e.g. your address and contact information) so you needn't re-enter it for every application

If you're a member of the general public:

You will benefit from

  • a simpler more transparent planning process
  • clear online guidance where and when you need it during the application process
  • a better chance of submitting a valid planning application
  • Timescales

To submit your application online, please click the link to the Planning Portal.

1App forms can be collected from the planning reception or downloaded from the website - see the Related Content.