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Pet memorial area

The death of a pet can be a very traumatic and distressing time for many people.

Rochford District Council understands that many pet owners wish to lay their pets to rest in an area where they can visit and remember them.

With this in mind, the Council have developed a Pet Memorial Area in the beautiful setting of Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park where the cremated remains of pets can be interred. The Area is a five acre enclosed wild flower meadow, complete with an oak memorial feature where plaques commemorating these pets can be placed.

The Pet Memorial Area can be found on the left-hand side of the main car park as you enter the park from Cherry Orchard Way, Rochford.

You are welcome to attend the interment of your pets ashes and a small bunch of flowers, hand tied with raffia or a similar bio-degradable material (no plastic wrapping or pots are permitted) may be placed on the interment site on the day of interment only.

Only pet ashes can be interred in this memorial garden and these must be accompanied by a certificate of cremation from al licensed crematorium. The ashes must be placed in a bio-degradable container; such as wicker, willow, cardboard, etc. As a wildflower memorial garden; no tablets, kerbstones, memorials, planted flowers or shrubs are allowed to be placed on the interment location. Plaques may be placed on the memorial feature for a period of 10 years. Alternatively, plaques may be placed on a bench or stake adjacent to a memorial tree located within the meadow at an extra cost.

The cost of interring pet ashes at the Pet Memorial Area is £64.75 plus VAT. If you wish to have a plaque placed on the memorial feature, this is included in this charge. However, you must supply the plaque yourself.

Only memorial plaques of pets interred in the Pet Memorial Area may be placed on the memorial feature. Memorial plaques are to be maximum size of 175mm wide x 75mm high and they must be made of cast bronze with black lettering. The wording on the plaques is subject to the approval of the Council.

The scattering of pet ashes is not allowed in this memorial garden.

If you would like further information or an application form to inter your pets ashes in this Memorial Area please contact Customer Services on 01702 318191 or email using this form