Local Butcher has been imprisoned for 52 days for failing to pay his Business Rates

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


On September 28 at Southend Magistrates Court, Jamie Armstrong of Runwell Gardens, Wickford, was committed to prison for 52 days for non-payment of Business Rates.

Mr Armstrong originally appeared in court on 19th December 2019, in relation to unpaid Business Rates for Kings of Meats, High Street, Rayleigh, for a period of 1st February 2019, to 31 March, 2020.

The magistrates found culpable neglect on his part in failing to pay his business rates in the sum of £15,280.68 and imposed a 60 day suspended prison sentence and ordered him to pay £2,000.00 December 2019 & £13,280.68 January 2020.

Mr Armstrong failed to pay, The magistrates gave him four separate occasions to pay these arrears but he explained that due to a loss in trade during COVID he could not, despite the payments in question relating to a pre-lockdown period.

Councilor Simon Smith, Portfolio Holder for Financial services said: “As a council we do not relish having to prosecute anyone for non-payment of Business Rates, especially through this difficult time with COVID, and we are continuing to work with businesses who are struggling to pay. However, it is important that we take action wherever it is necessary, in the interests of all our law-abiding Business owners who do meet their payments”.

If you are having difficulty paying your Business Rates please call the Recovery Team on 01702 318019 or email us using this contact form.