The District has a contrasting coastline with sea views, coastal marshes, intricate waterways and the River Roach and Crouch estuaries. Wildlife and birdlife are attracted to the varied coastal environment.

You can explore the local coastline by following footpaths around the Rochford peninsula and visiting the islands of Wallasea and Foulness.

Foulness Island is owned by the Ministry of Defence and public access to the island is restricted, however, you can visit on certain days during the spring and summer. To find out when you can visit Foulness Island please contact the Foulness Parish Council Clerk. Check the Related Content section and click Parish Council Clerks.

Wallasea Island is a haven for wild birds and marine life. Major conservation projects on Wallasea Island have created freshwater habitats that support water voles, amphibians and water insects. Landscaped islands provide nesting habitats for estuary birds. You can visit Wallasea Island all year round and discover special activities and events by scrolling down to the 'Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project' link.

Rochford District Council in partnership with Maldon District Council were recently awarded £10,000 by the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) to set up a Coastal Community Team (CCT) for the River Crouch.  The launch event held on 21st October 2015 in Hullbridge, was well attended.  Part of the funding required us to produce an economic action plan for the River Crouch to ensure its economic prosperity going forward.  As part of this process, an online survey commenced along side canvassing views at the launch event to obtain peoples’ views on how they thought the River Crouch could be developed.  

The above views were collated to form the draft plan which went out for public consultation during December 2015.  Additional comments to the draft assisted in forming the final plan, which was published on 31st January 2016.  
The River Crouch CCT met for the first time on 25th January 2016 to; appoint a chairperson, decide how to spend the remainder of the fund and approve the River Crouch Economic Plan as their work plan for the group going forward.  All grant money had to be spent by 31st March 2016. Please see Related Content to download a copy of this plan, which also details what the money has been spent on.  The chairperson was unanimously agreed as Dean Border, Managing Director of Baltic Distribution Limited.  

If you have an interest in the River Crouch and would like to join the River Crouch CCT, please contact us using the email addresses below.  You can also find further information about the CCT including terms of reference and details of the grant, using the link in Related Content.
If you require further information and/or wish to join the River Crouch CCT, please contact the following: and