Land between Windermere Avenue, Malyons Lane and Lower Road Hullbridge

**Update**  Replies to consultation and neighbour notification are required by Friday 16th November 2018. 

Land between Windermere Avenue, Malyons Lane and Lower Road Hullbridge for the development of 500 dwellings together with associated access, car parking, landscaping, open space and related works.

Application for reserved matters (in respect of layout, scale, design, external appearance, access (save for access points to the site as shown on the approved parameters plan) and landscaping) in relation to the outline application permission.

Application No. 18/00135/REM

This planning application relates to land south west of Hullbridge and the site of Malyons Farm that was released from the Green Belt in the Council’s allocation plan adopted in 2014 and which received outline planning permission for 500 dwellings by the grant of outline planning permission  under application reference14/00813/OUT.

The outline planning permission has established the development principles for the site and including the following infrastructure by a legal agreement tied to that outline planning permission;

  1. Provision of Hullbridge Road / Rawreth Lane roundabout the subject of application 16/00162/FUL
  2. Provision of Watery Lane junction right turn improvements as recommended by the County Highway Authority
  3. Provision of Watery Lane improvements – signage
  4. Education contribution- £2,201,540
  5. Payment of a £3000 Travel Plan Monitoring fee to ECC relating to the residential Travel Plan
  6. Provision and implementation of a Residential Travel Information Pack for every household
  7. Provision of 12 month season tickets for bus travel to all eligible occupiers of the development (max 2 per household).
  8.  A minimum of 35 percent affordable housing shall be provided in each phase (Reserved Matters application site area) to a mix of 80 percent affordable rent and 20 percent intermediate housing subject to delivery triggers, appropriate location of units within the site, appropriate dwelling type/size, nomination rights and other relevant matters.
  9. Youth facilities provision.
  10. Contribution towards Scheme for the drainage of Pooles Lane sports pitches (£70k).
  11. Provision of a Sustainable Urban Drainage system in accordance with details agreed by the relevant planning condition. Maintenance of the system by a management company, statutory water undertaker or the County Council (should the County Council become an approved body) in perpetuity to be undertaken in accordance with a maintenance schedule to be submitted and agreed by the Local Planning Authority.
  12. Payment of a financial contribution of £164,560 for capital projects associated with delivery of primary health care services in the vicinity of the site.
  13. Provision of public open green space in accordance with the requirements of the relevant planning conditions and maintenance of these areas and any play equipment within these areas by a management company.
  14. Contributions to cycle route 135 across the district
  15. Maintenance of bridle way to open space within the site.

The new application made is for the detailed reserved matters for the layout, siting and design of the dwellings proposed to be built.

The dwellings proposed comprise:

Market Housing total 325 units as listed below:

  • 38 No. five bedroomed houses
  • 178 No. four bedroomed houses
  • 109 No. three bedroomed houses

Affordable Housing total 175 units as listed below:

  • 4 No. four bedroomed houses
  • 40 No. three bedroomed houses
  • 32 No. two bedroomed houses
  • 8 No. one bedroomed houses
  • 5 No. one bedroomed bungalows
  • 52 No one bedroomed apartments
  • 34 No. two bedroomed apartments   

The application is accompanied by a number of supporting documents - these can be found in the black 'Documents' tab on this page

The application will considered by the Council’s Development Committee on a date to be confirmed.



PDF icon Planning Statement.pdf606.67 KB
PDF icon Hullbridge - Statement of Community Involvement FINAL.pdf1.31 MB
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PDF icon 002 - Site Plan(1).pdf4.83 MB
PDF icon 002_Site Layout Revision A.pdf5.87 MB
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PDF icon 004 Refuse and Cycle Strategy.pdf1.03 MB
PDF icon 005_Boundary Treatment Plan.pdf817.61 KB
PDF icon 006_Materials Plan.pdf1.2 MB
PDF icon 007_Fire Strategy Plan.pdf835.43 KB
PDF icon 008_Tenure Plan.pdf790.74 KB
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PDF icon 10.17 Hullbridge Essex Geophysical survey WSI.pdf1.11 MB
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PDF icon 021_HT P382-E-7 - Elevations.pdf182.68 KB
PDF icon 022_HT P382-E-7 - Elevations (2).pdf177.59 KB
PDF icon 023_HT P341 - Floor Plans.pdf150.08 KB
PDF icon 024_HT P341 - Elevations.pdf213.11 KB
PDF icon 025_HT P341v1 - Floor Plans.pdf151.57 KB
PDF icon 026_HT P341v1 - Elevations.pdf216.26 KB
PDF icon 027 - H406 - Plans.pdf175.85 KB
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PDF icon 029 - H406 - Elevations (2).pdf242.75 KB
PDF icon 030 - H406 - Elevations (3).pdf246.37 KB
PDF icon 031_HT H436---7 - Floor Plans.pdf173.86 KB
PDF icon 032_HT H436---7 - Elevations.pdf273.83 KB
PDF icon 033_HT H436---7 - Elevations 2.pdf257.95 KB
PDF icon 034_HT469---7 - Floor Plans.pdf190.68 KB
PDF icon 035_HT469---7 - Elevations.pdf267.9 KB
PDF icon 036_HT469---7 - Elevations 2.pdf279.63 KB
PDF icon 037_HT H421---7 - Floor Plans.pdf180.57 KB
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PDF icon 039_HT H451 - Floor Plans.pdf168.42 KB
PDF icon 040_HT H451 - Elevations.pdf264.37 KB
PDF icon 041_HT P433-I-7 - Floor Plans.pdf161.46 KB
PDF icon 042_HT P433-I-7 - Elevations.pdf257.07 KB
PDF icon 043_HT P433-I-7 - Elevations 2.pdf230.74 KB
PDF icon 044_HT P433-I-7 - Elevations 3.pdf245.13 KB
PDF icon 045_HT H577 - Floor Plan.pdf168.8 KB
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PDF icon 057 - ESK - Plans.pdf144.38 KB
PDF icon 058 - ESK - Elevations.pdf219.05 KB
PDF icon 059 - ESK - Elevations (2).pdf209.52 KB
PDF icon 060 - MAI - Terrace End Plans.pdf141.99 KB
PDF icon 061 - MAI - Terrace End Elevations.pdf182.88 KB
PDF icon 062 - NOR - Terrace End Plans.pdf150.7 KB
PDF icon 063 - NOR - Terrace End Elevations.pdf197.49 KB
PDF icon 064 - Ennerdale - Floor Plans.pdf146.73 KB
PDF icon 065 - Ennerdale - Elevations.pdf223.19 KB
PDF icon 066 - KING - Floor Plans.pdf197.14 KB
PDF icon 067 - KING - Elevations.pdf168.6 KB
PDF icon 068 - KING - Elevations (2).pdf165.54 KB
PDF icon 069 - WOO - Terrace End Plans.pdf160.82 KB
PDF icon 070 - WOO - Terrace End Elevations.pdf201.66 KB
PDF icon 071 - WOO - Terrace End Elevations (2).pdf190.32 KB
PDF icon 072 - HES - Detached Plans.pdf169.78 KB
PDF icon 073 - HES - Detached Elevations.pdf249.24 KB
PDF icon 074 - HES - Detached Elevations (2).pdf226.62 KB
PDF icon 075 - RAD - Detached Plans.pdf150.98 KB
PDF icon 076 - RAD - Detached Elevations.pdf241.24 KB
PDF icon 077 - RAD - Detached Elevations (3).pdf229.36 KB
PDF icon 078 - RAD - Detached Elevations (2).pdf236.68 KB
PDF icon 079 - ALN - Detached Plans.pdf162.41 KB
PDF icon 080 - ALN - Detached Elevations.pdf266.71 KB
PDF icon 081 - ALN - Detached Elevations (2).pdf248.57 KB
PDF icon 082_SH50-E-7 - Floor Plans.pdf153.42 KB
PDF icon 083_SH50-E-7 - Elevations.pdf177.63 KB
PDF icon 084_SH52-E-7 - Floor Plans.pdf149.92 KB
PDF icon 085_SH52-E-7 - Elevations.pdf183.88 KB
PDF icon 086_SH52-E-7 - Elevations 2.pdf195.91 KB
PDF icon 087_House Type T - Plans.pdf148.42 KB
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PDF icon 092 - SF58-E-7 and SH59-E-7 - Floor Plans.pdf160.02 KB
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PDF icon 094 - Type 72 - Floor Plans.pdf143.85 KB
PDF icon 095 - Type 72 - Elevations.pdf189.83 KB
PDF icon 096 - Midhurst - Floor Plans.pdf135.29 KB
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PDF icon 098 - Floor Plans.pdf272.51 KB
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PDF icon 100 - Elevations (2).pdf234.68 KB
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