Local Authority Flexible Eligibility Scheme (LA Flex)

Important Notice : ECO3/Flex funding for replacement boilers has now ended. No further applications will be accepted. Please contact Aran Services for further information and assistance on 0800 587 7795.

Rochford District Council welcome the introduction of the Local Authority Flexible Eligibility scheme and intend to utilise the scheme to direct a proportion of funding to residents who struggle to heat their home to a comfortable standard, or who have a specific condition which may make them more vulnerable to the effects of a cold home.  Through this scheme RDC intend to reduce fuel poverty and minimise the health risks associated with living in a cold home.

RDC intend to work exclusively with obligated energy supplier and their approved delivery partner Aran Services

Through the Warm Homes scheme RDC hope to utilise flexible eligibility alongside other local funding schemes where possible, to reduce the installation costs of energy measures for residents as much as possible.

It should be noted that the final decision on whether any individual household will benefit from energy saving improvements rests with obligated energy suppliers or their contractors.  Inclusion in a Declaration of Eligibility issued by RDC to a supplier or contractor, will not guarantee installation of any measures, as the final decision will depend on:

  • Identification of measures eligible under Help to Heat
  • The contractor or energy supplier’s assessment of the energy savings that can be achieved for a property
  • Whether the supplier has achieved their targets or requires further measures to meet their Energy Company Obligation targets

In identifying households as eligible under Flexible Eligibility RDC are seeking to enable residents to benefit from funding and will obtain consent from households before including them in a declaration.

RDC expect any obligated energy supplier or contractor working on their behalf, to comply with the Data Protection Act, to fully follow Ofgem requirements for the Energy Company Obligation Help to Heat and to act in accordance with industry best practice in relation to consumer care and quality standards of any works that may take place.

Residents can check their eligibility for the funding and, if applicable, apply for the grant by emailing Aran Insulation at info@arangroup.co.uk or calling 0800 587 7795.

Please note you may be contacted by Rochford District Council in order to provide evidence of your eligibility to the funding.

Essex County Council, alongside the Citizens Advice Service launched “Warm Homes Essex”. This initiative sees a team of specialist energy advisers operating across the county who work with clients identified as being in “fuel poverty” and help them to improve their financial and physical circumstances.

The advice provided by the service is intensive and personalised, taking place over an extended period in order to ensure everything that can be done to improve the householder’s circumstances is done – such as maximising benefit entitlements, resolving disputes with energy suppliers, addressing debt problems and applying for grants to improve the energy efficiency of the home.

For more information and to see if you are eligible, please contact the Warm Homes team on 0300 3033 789 or by submitting their enquiry online through their website in the Related Content section.