Energy Efficiency

Most energy efficiency measures are simple and cheap to implement; in particular improving the insulation to your house. Whether you own or rent your home, there are various schemes to further reduce the cost, or to pay for this work completely if you are eligible for full funding.

Essex County Council, alongside the Citizens Advice Service launched “Warm Homes Essex”. This initiative sees a team of specialist energy advisers operating across the county who work with clients identified as being in “fuel poverty” and help them to improve their financial and physical circumstances.

The advice provided by the service is intensive and personalised, taking place over an extended period in order to ensure everything that can be done to improve the householder’s circumstances is done – such as maximising benefit entitlements, resolving disputes with energy suppliers, addressing debt problems and applying for grants to improve the energy efficiency of the home.
For more information and to see if you are eligible, please contact the Warm Homes team on 0300 3033 789 or by submitting their enquiry online through their website in the Related Content section.

Rochford District Council are working in partnership with Aran Services Ltd to help offer residents free and partially grant funded energy efficiency improvements such as loft and cavity wall insulation and new heating systems.

To obtain grant funding you must be a home owner - you must arrange a free home assessment with Aran Services Ltd, data protection is strictly observed.

Although Rochford District Council are working in partnership with Aran Services Ltd it is your choice as to who you contact to gain energy efficiency advise and you may wish to explore the services of similar providers for yourself.

For more information call Aran Services Ltd  01284 812520  or freephone  0800 5877795