Frequently Asked Questions during the Coronavirus


  • During the time my restaurant is closed, can I still trade by offering a takeaway service?

Yes, the Government relaxed the Planning restrictions regarding a takeaway service.

You can offer a delivery service or collection from the main entrance door. No-one apart from staff should be within your premises. **link removed as no longer valid**

In relation to a delivery service, please ensure the vehicle used for delivery service is covered by the insurance as this is not covered by your standard vehicle insurance.

  • Can I sell alcohol as part of my takeaway service?

This depends upon your Premises licence. If you licence states ON SALES ONLY, you are unable to offer the sale of alcohol as part of the takeaway service. If you licence states either Off Sales or Off the Premises, then yes you can include this within your service.

  • Does my personal licence allow me to sell alcohol from home?

No, you need to have a Premises Licence to sell alcohol from that premises. Your personal licence allows you the authority to sell alcohol at a licensed premise.

  • Can I sell draft beers from my taps?

You can, but they must be placed within a sealed receptacle and not in an open glass or plastic container without a lid.

  • Can people sit in my beer garden to drink their alcohol?

No, please remove all garden furniture or if you are unable to remove it, please turn it upside down to prevent anyone from siting within your grounds.

  • Are you still processing Personal Licence applications?

Yes we are, we have set up a link on our Personal Licence page to submit your application digitally.



  • Can a Taxi driver refuse a fare?

A taxi driver can refuse a fare provided they have a legitimate reason (especially if they feel that person may have the virus).

  • I am due to fly back into the country and the driver has refused to collect me from the airport.

A contract has been agreed between a driver and the customer. If the driver is unable to provide you this service due to self-isolation or their own risk assessment, the driver must arrange for alternative service to bring you home. If they are unable to arrange an alternative service, they must arrange a refund for the journey and notify the Licensing team of this.

At all times the customer should be kept informed of the situation.

  • The drivers are all standing together at the ranks, is this allowed.

The drivers at the ranks must follow the same rules and keep the 2 metre separation, this is currently being seen in Rayleigh, whereby they are standing in a square to ensure the 2 metre rule is maintained. We expect our drivers to comply with the ruling not only for their own safety, but for the safety of the passengers.

We are aware that a large number of vulnerable people use the taxis and want them to feel confidence in the taxi trade, that they are trying their upmost to protect you the public.

  • Are we allowed to sit in the front of the taxi?

For your safety and the drivers, we ask all passengers to sit in the rear of the vehicles.

  • How many passengers can they carry?

We are trying to promote the government restrictions or no more than 2 people in a vehicle, the driver and 1 other. This is not always possible due to young children or vulnerable adults.

  • Why do I see taxi’s with expired plates on the rear?

Due to the current situation, we have extended the licences of the vehicles for an additional 2 months. This impacts on approximately 10% of the vehicles licensed by Rochford. If you have any concerns whether the vehicle is licensed, please contact us using the contact us form.



  • My licence is due for renewal, what should I do as I am due an inspection?

We will extend your licence for 2 months and review the situation again once we have a clearer picture of the situation.

  • Can I (or must I) still offer a Day Care facility?

General day care should cease, but critical workers (blue card holders) may not be in the same position and need support. You need to risk assess the situation, you may feel that you are not happy to board someone’s pet based on your own family and personal circumstances and stop offering the service.

  • Can I allow public onto my stables to look after their own horses?

You should keep public contact to a minimum and should ensure only essential people attend your stables to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Is there any formal guidance being issued?

At present we are waiting for Defra Guidance but Canine & Feline Sector Group have updated their website and you might find some of the information useful in relation to Covid 19 and pets.