Free training to help keep our youngsters safe online

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Children love to use the internet specially to play games and to communicate with their friends. The way they start using computers and the guidance they are given at this young age can set them on the right path to being safer in later life so Castle Point and Rochford Community Safety Partnership are offering parents the chance to attend a free event aimed at keeping our children safe online.

The event is aimed at parents and carers of school children across the District and will highlight some of the dangers that young people face whilst online and will provide practical advice to parents on steps to take to help keep their children safe whilst online.

This course mirrors the Walk Online sessions now being delivered to primary and secondary schools across the District. All sessions are delivered by “The 2 Johns” who are former police officers who worked on POLIT (Police online Investigation Team) and have extensive experience and expertise in the field of online safety.

Rochford District Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Community, Cllr Mike Webb said : “The internet is amazing tool and we want everybody to enjoy it and use it to enhance their lives. 

“We know that children are vulnerable online, and they are now more and more are using phones and tablets to access the internet. Its important that they and their parents know how to use them properly and be safe. You'd teach your child how to be safe when crossing the road and it’s exactly the same with the internet.

“If parental controls aren’t in place it’s easy for children to see things that could be harmful, it can also be equally as dangerous for older people susceptible to online scammers, this course is a great chance to take a positive step in keeping your family safe and giving you piece of mind.”

The session will be held at the Mill Hall, Rayleigh on 23rd July 2019 and tickets can be booked on the following link: