Environmental Health deals with complaints about noise from premises and vehicle alarms.

Alarms ringing can be caused by bad weather, a low battery, a fault, or because the alarm has not had any maintenance or servicing.

We can take action against you if your alarm rings continuously and causes disturbance to your neighbours. In some cases, we can get a warrant to enter your premises and switch off the alarm, the person responsible for the alarm would have to pay our costs for doing this. These costs may be more than £200.

What should I do if I am being disturbed by an alarm?

Most problems can be resolved by politely telling the person about it, but the occupier of the property may be away or on holiday. You can check with the police as they may have a registered key-holder for the address.

You can make a complaint to us by using this form

Registering your alarm and key-holder details (free of charge)

Rochford District is not designated as an Alarm notification area, which means you do not have to register your details with us by law, however to avoid the problem of your alarm causing a noise nuisance, we would strongly recommend that when having a new alarm fitted or you take over an existing alarm you should:

  • Provide the name and phone numbers of at least 2 people who can switch off the alarm if you are not at home. You can do this on-line, or by post.
  • The form to tell us about your premises alarm and your key-holders can be completed on-line by using the ‘premises alarm notification form’ in related content. Registration is free.
  • Or you can print a form from the related content section and post it to us.
  • You should also print a copy of your application form and send it to the police. Their address is on the form. If you complete the on-line registration you will automatically receive a copy your application form by return e-mail.  
  • New alarms should be fitted with a device that automatically stops it from ringing after 15 minutes from when it started. Some older alarms may have a 20-minute cut-off.
  • Our leaflet called ‘premises and vehicle alarms’ which you view or download from the related content section, gives more advice.