Collecting Dogs from Kennels

Before a dog may be collected from the kennels the owner must pay
all outstanding fines and fees. These fees are payable per dog and
kennelling charges include the day of seizure and day of collection.
Current charges are detailed below:


Statutory Sum (currently £25)

Kennelling charges (£12)

Transportation (£21)

Admin fees (£7)

Micro chip fees (£17)

Any relevant Veterinary fees (if it was necessary to use a vet) will
be charged.

The payment can be made at the reception of Acres Way Kennels, Great
Burches Rd, Thundersley, Essex, SS7 3NE by cash only.

Acres Way Kennel Opening Times

Monday to Friday - 10am 4.00pm

Saturday - 10am 4.00pm

Sunday - 10am 4pm

If, after seven days from the time the dog was seized (or notice
served on a known owner) the dog has not been claimed and all costs
paid in full the dog may be re-homed or destroyed (if their
temperaments are unsound or a veterinary surgeon recommends it).