Lost, found or stray dogs

Stray dogs

If you see a stray dog in the District during working hours, you can report it to the Council on 01702 318111 (Mon - Fri 8am to 5.30pm) or directly to the Dog Warden on 01268 770402 (Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm). The Dog Warden will visit the location as soon as practicable and attempt to seize the dog.

For safety reasons, we do not recommend that members of the public approach stray dogs, but if you do, it is at your own risk.

However, if you have found and picked up a stray dog, check to see if the dog is wearing a collar with it’s owners details on it and try to return the dog to its owner. Alternatively, contact the Council or Dog Warden on the numbers above and they will collect the dog from you.

You may also take the dog directly to the dog kennel yourself, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm only, however, we do recommend that you contact the kennels on the above number to make sure that there is someone available to see you when you arrive at the kennels. The address of the kennels is:

Acres Way Kennels
Great Burches Road

Telephone: 01268 770402

Outside of these hours please call our out of hours line on 01268 527317 who will direct you to a reception centre who will take care of the dog.

Please note: There are no facilities to collect a dog out of hours.

Once the Dog Warden has seized the dog, she will check it for identity tags and scan it for a microchip. If the dog warden finds details of the dogs’ owner, she will contact them and ask them to collect the dog and pay any appropriate fee as soon as possible. If the identity of the owner is unknown, cannot be contacted or cannot collect the dog immediately, it will be taken to the Council's nominated Kennels (Acres Way Kennels). The dog will be kept at the kennels for seven days from when it is seized until collected by its owner. If it is not collected after seven days the dog is re-homed.

We try to re-unite all dogs with their owners and keep a register of lost and found dogs. However, before a dog may be collected from the kennels the owner must pay all outstanding fees and expenses incurred by the Local Authority.

Dogs that are not claimed are kept for 7 days and then found good homes. None are destroyed unless their temperaments are unsound or a veterinary surgeon recommends it due to illness or injury.

Please do not assume that a stray dog is unwanted and keep it without reporting it to the Council or Dog Warden, someone may be desperately searching for it.

Lost Dogs

If you have lost your dog, please contact the Council on 01702 318111 or the Dog Warden on 01268 770402 to report it missing. If you have lost your dog near to the border of neighbouring Councils, you are advised to contact them as well, just in case your dog has been reported to them or collected by their Dog Warden. Remember, if your dog is micro chipped, the chances of being reunited with your dog are much higher and quicker. Even in the unfortunate event of your dog being involved in an accident and killed, we always scan dogs for micro chips.

If you want to microchip your pet, contact your vet who will be able to do this for you at a reasonable price. Alternatively contact Acres Way Kennels on 01268 770402, where we have negotiated a discounted price of £15.00 for micro chipping dogs and cats belonging to Rochford District Council residents.

Re-homing Stray Dogs

If you are thinking of getting a dog, the Council would encourage you to consider homing a rescue or stray dog rather than buying a puppy, in an effort to reduce the population of unwanted dogs.

Unclaimed stray dogs that have been found in the Rochford District and surrounding areas, can be viewed by visiting Acres Way Kennels, Great Burches Road, Thundersley Essex, SS7 3NE, between 10am and 3pm daily.

Alternatively, you can view dogs that are available for re homing from the kennels by clicking on the link in Related Content.

All prospective owners are subject to a house check, prior to a dog being re-homed with them and a donation is required when a dog is placed with a new owner.