Many families own dogs and for most of the time, these dogs cause no problem at all.

However occasionally dogs may get lost or cause a problem. When this happens, people are sometimes unsure of who they should contact to help them find their dog or help them deal with their problem.

Over the years various agencies have had different responsibilities with regard to dogs, but to help people identify who they should  contact if they have a dog related problem, the RSPCA, Essex Police and all the Essex Local Authorities have drawn up a Multi-Agency Guidance document of ‘who deals with what’ in respect of dog issues within Essex.

The roles of these agencies when dealing with dogs are as follows:

  • Local Authorities, including Rochford District Council, deal with all stray dogs and the enforcement of Dog Control Orders, which includes dog fouling
  • Essex Police deal with dangerous and prohibited dogs, this can include dog on dog attacks
  • The RSPCA deal with cruelty and neglect of dogs

Further information regarding dangerous dogs; lost, found and stray dogs; dog law and being a responsible dog owner can be found in the links on the menu on the left hand side of this page.