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Council Tax Covid information

COVID-19 - I am unable to pay my Council Tax, how can the Council help?

If your income has been affected by Covid 19 and you need help with your Council Tax payments due to financial difficulty, you should contact our Recovery Team to discuss your circumstances.

We would suggest that, if you pay your Council Tax by direct debit, you do not cancel this with your bank at present. You can talk to us about changing your future instalments or about claiming any help that is available to you, such as Local Council Tax Support.

You can contact us by phone on 01702 318019, 01702 318089 or 01702 318011. You can also email us at revenues&

Council Tax Support

Depending on your financial circumstances you may be eligible for a reduction in your Council Tax bill. You can apply for Council Tax Support using the form below.

There are two versions of the form: one for those who are owner occupiers:

and one for those in rented accommodation:

Although the form may look daunting, it is straight forward to complete. Residents need to download the form to complete it and then return it to the council by post or by email.  Anyone who needs assistance completing the form or would like a form posted to them can telephone our customer service team on 01702 318197 or 01702 318198 or you can send us an email to revenues& You can also get free advice and assistance from Citizens Advice by phoning their free helplines on either 0808 2787877 or 0800 1448848.

If you are eligible for Council Tax Support you will also be entitled to further assistance under the Hardship Fund set up by Government by way of an additional award of up to £150.00.  You do not need to make a separate application for assistance under the Hardship Fund this will be awarded automatically to Council Tax Support recipients.

We are receiving a high number of applications for Council Tax Support as a result of COVID 19 so it is taking us longer than usual to get decisions out to residents. We ask that you please bear with us. We deal with applications in date order and we will contact you as soon as we can.

If you have any concerns about paying your Council Tax in the meantime please e-mail us at revenues& or phone us on 01702 318197 or 01702 318198.

More information on Council Tax can be found using this link

The full government guidance that is currently available on support for individuals and businesses affected by Covid-19 can be found on the following link