Council cameras catch fly tipper as he downs 9 beer kegs in Stambridge

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Rochford District Council’s Street Scene Team are continuing to be hot on the heels of fly tippers, as our CCTV cameras in Mill Lane pick up a vehicle dropping 9 empty beer kegs off in Mill Lane, Stambridge.

The council issued a £400 fine, which was reduced to £200 for payment made within 10 days.

Rochford District Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Cllr Arthur Williams said: “Yet again our officers are working hard to keep our district clean and tidy by catching fly-tippers from illegally dumping rubbish.

“Our cameras are proving to be a huge asset to helping us locate the people who are doing this and hopefully deter others from doing the same thing

“Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence, and we are committed to tackling this issue head on.

“If anyone has any information about fly tipping or  would like to report an incident  please contact us at or call us on 01702 318111”.