The Executive

The Executive comprises eight Councillors with Portfolios as follows:-

Leader  - Cllr S E Wootton (covering Strategy, Vision, Policy, Priorities & Performance; National/Regional Issues; Strategic Engagement with other Authorities; Lead Member on Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA); Outside Bodies, e.g., LGA, OSE; Customer Experience; Asset Programme (Voyage)).

Leader (Cllr M J Steptoe)
Deputy Leader - Cllr Mrs C E Roe (covering Communications & Social Media; Licensing; Human Resources; Reform; Transformation & Connect Programme; Standards; Legal and Democratic Services; Elections).Deputy Leader (Cllr Mrs C E  Roe)
Financial Services – Cllr S P Smith (covering Financial Resources; Audit; Procurement; Risk Management; Payroll; Creditors and Debtors; Budget; Revenues and Benefits; and Fraud).Finance – Cllr S P Smith

Commercial, Business, Local Economy & Leisure – Cllr M J Webb (covering Leisure; Estate Management; Businesses; Economic Development; Land Charges; Health and Safety/Emergency Planning)

Community – Cllr M J Webb
Strategic Planning – Cllr I H Ward (covering Strategic Planning, Policy and Economic; Regeneration; Development Management; Planning Enforcement; Building Control; Transport, Highways & Infrastructure).Planning – Cllr I H Ward

Environment and Place – Cllr D J Sperring (covering Waste Management and Collection; Street Scene and Cleansing; Air Quality; Climate Change; Open Spaces; Flooding & Coastal Management (Crouch Harbour Authority); Tree Protection Orders/Hedgerows/Cemetery Services).

Planning – Cllr I H Ward

Community – Cllr A L Williams (covering Community Engagement; Younger People/Youth Council; Community Safety; Public and Environmental Health; Safeguarding; Grants and Voluntary Sector Support; Essex Countywide Traveller Unit).

Planning – Cllr I H Ward
IT, Tourism, Housing & Parking – Cllr D S Efde (covering Information Technology; Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA); Data Protection; Car Parking – District & South Essex Parking Partnership; HRA/Housing Development; Homelessness; Tourism – Arts, Culture and Heritage).IT and Communications (Cllr D S Efde)

The Executive makes decisions either collectively or individually on matters of policy and management across the range of services delivered by the Council (subject to some decisions which are reserved to all Councillors meeting as “Full Council”). The more significant decisions (known as “key decisions”) are published in a ‘Key Decisions Document’ (see Related Content). Decisions made by the Executive, or by individual Portfolio Holders, are published and are subject to “call-in” by the Council’s Review Committee for a five day period prior to being enacted.

The agendas, reports and minutes of Executive meetings and the individual Portfolio Holder decisions can be found by using the Related Content section.