Emergency Plans

In an emergency Rochford District Council will work with other agencies to support those affected and to help in their recovery.

To do this the resources of the Council will be reprioritised to provide this support, whilst still ensuring that we maintain our essential services.

This approach is used in the response to all types of Emergency and is set out in the document Rochford District Council – our response to an Emergency, in Related Content.

To help the Council decide what to do we will set up an Emergency Information Cell, in Related Content, which will gather information and brief the Managing Director and the Leadership Team. To ensure everyone is kept informed of the situation the Emergency Information Cell will work closely with the Communications Team as set out in the document Our Communications Response to an Emergency in Related Content.

One of the key ways in which we may have to provide support is if residents have to evacuate their homes. This set out in Related Content Supporting people evacuated from their homes in an emergency.

We work with the Parish Councils to aid good communications links and to assist with local evacuation. The way we do this is explained in the document How to write a Parish Council Emergency Response Plan.

Whilst the plans above apply to all emergencies, there are some events which require additional guidance to understand how Rochford District Council will respond. Our approach to flooding, coastal pollution, fuel shortage and unauthorised traveller occupation is explained in the plans in Related Content.