Census Information 2001

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Information from the 2001 Census

Summary and key statistics for the Rochford District

The resident population of Rochford District, as measured in the 2001 Census, was 78,489 of which 49 per cent were male and 51 per cent were female.

In 2001, 20 per cent of the resident population were aged under 16, 57 per cent were aged between 16 and 59, and 23 per cent were aged 60 and over. The mean average age was 40. This compared with an average age of 39 within England and Wales.

The ethnic structure of Rochford is shown in the table below. Figures for England are shown for comparison purposes.

Percentage of resident population in ethnic groups Rochford England
White 98.3 90.3
Mixed 0.6 1.3
Asian or Asian British 0.5 4.6
Black or Black British 0.2 2.3
Chinese or Other 0.4 0.9

Source: 2001 Census, ONS



Attendance and Disability Living Allowances - Rochford
Percentage of people receiving Disability Living Allowance 1.9
Percentage of people receiving Attendance Allowance 1.8

Source: Department for Work and Pensions, 1998


Health, Limiting Long-term Illness and Provision of Care Rochford England & Wales Average
Percentage of people describing their health as 'not good' 7.2 9.2
Percentage of people who stated they had a long-term illness, health problem or disability which limited daily activities or work 15.8 18.2
Percentage of people who provided unpaid care to family members, neighbours or others, because of long-term physical or mental ill-health or disability, or problems related to old age 10.2 10.0

Source: 2001 Census, ONS


Employment, Income Support, Students And Qualifications


Percentage of 16 to 74 year olds Rochford England and Wales average
Employed 64.7 60.6
Unemployed 2.1 3.4
Economically active full-time students 2.2 2.6
Retired 16.4 13.6
Economically inactive students 2.4 4.7
Looking after home/family 7.2 6.5
Permanently sick or disabled 3.1 5.5
Other economically inactive 2.0 3.1

Source: 2001 Census, ONS

In 2001 there were 2,537 full-time students and schoolchildren aged 16 to 74 in Rochford. Of these, 1,025 were aged 18 and over. These figures come from the 2001 Census, where students were enumerated at their term-time address.
Of the resident population aged 16 to 74, 28 per cent had no qualifications, whilst 12 per cent were qualified to degree level or higher.

Housing and Households


The average price of housing (£'s) in Rochford during 2001 was:
  Rochford England and Wales
Price Percentage of households living in this type of property Average
Percentage of households living in this type of property
Detached 191,971 32.9 178,806 22.8
Semi-Detached 111,978 48.6 101,733 31.6
Terraced 97,511 8.1 89,499 26.0
Flat 74,829 9.0 120,185 19.2
All property types 133,390   119,436  

Sources: The Land Registry, 2001 & 2001 Census, ONS

Households (All household figures from 2001 Census, ONS)

Within Rochford in 2001, 86 per cent of households living in owner-occupied accommodation, whilst 8 per cent lived in social rented housing (renting from the Council, a Housing Association or a Registered Social Landlord), and the remaining 6 per cent rented privately, or lived rent free.

The proportion of one-person households in Rochford was 25 per cent. This compared to an England and Wales average of 30 per cent.

The proportion of lone parent households in Rochford with dependent children was 4 per cent, compared to the England and Wales average of 6 per cent.

Area Statistics


  Violence against the person Robbery Burglary from a dwelling Theft of a motor vehicle Theft from a motor vehicle
Total number of offences recorded (Rochford) 363 10 169 169 350
Rate per 1,000 population (Rochford) 4.6 0.1 2.2 2.2 4.5
Rate per 1,000 population (England and Wales) 11.4 1.8 7.6 6.4 11.9

Source: Home Office