Castle Point & Rochford Health and Wellbeing Board launches its new health and wellbeing strategy

Monday, January 10, 2022

The joint Castle Point and Rochford Health and Wellbeing Board has launched a new health and wellbeing strategy, which sets out their three-year plan to improve the health and wellbeing of residents in Castle Point and Rochford.

The new strategy, co-produced by Board members, centres around early intervention and prevention and what can be done on a local level to help improve the health and wellbeing of residents and reduce health inequalities.

The process has involved sharing data, knowledge, and insight, as well as case studies, to ensure that it reflects the real lives and experiences of residents. The strategy focuses on four overarching priorities: mental health and wellbeing, physical health, ageing well, and community resilience. 

The Board thanks its partners for their contributions, and the residents of Castle Point and Rochford for sharing their views in both the health and wellbeing survey in August 2021 and the strategy consultation. This engagement was key in helping to shape the strategy and enrich the resident profiles within, ensuring the document is fit for the future.     

Cllr Arthur Williams, Portfolio Holder for People and Communities at Rochford District Council and Chairman of the Castle Point & Rochford Health and Wellbeing Board, said:

“This has been a truly collaborative effort over the last 12 months to develop our new Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Castle Point and Rochford. I am extremely grateful to Board members for their time and commitment, and to residents for their contributions, which has helped to inform the strategy and ensured we have a better understanding of our residents’ health and wellbeing needs.

This approach has laid the foundations for greater alignment across the system and will improve our ability, as system partners, to address those needs going forwards”.

Cllr Mrs Beverley Egan, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing at Castle Point Borough Council, added “Whilst new to the Board, I have been very impressed with all the work that has got us to this stage. The engagement in the development of this strategy by partners and residents has been wonderful. I look forward to reviewing our progress over the months ahead”.

The strategy is available to view on the Rochford District Council, CAVS, and The Megacentre Rayleigh websites.

The Board is now working together to develop an action plan to accompany the strategy to show how it is being implemented and the outcomes they are working towards for each of the four priorities. This action plan will be shared and agreed at the next Board meet to be held in March.