Gambling Policy Consultation

Gambling Act 2005
Gambling Statement of Licensing Principles – Review

Under the Gambling Act 2005 the Council is required to review its policy every three years or when the council believes the policy requires updating. Part of the review process is to consult with those bodies and/or persons that may be affected. Therefore we are writing to you because we consider that you may be affected by this statement, or you may represent those whom may be affected.

Our formal consultation period has now begun and will run until 19 September 2018.

Our revised Gambling Statement of Licensing Principles – Review and Summary of Changes can be viewed in the Related Content. Alternatively, you can view the documents at the Council’s reception in Rayleigh and Rochford.

Should you wish to comment on the statement you could do so by:-
1 sending a letter with your comments
2 sending an e-mail to