Avoid getting a banner ban

Our guide to checking before you put up banners

Have you ever seen banners or posters on the roadside and thought “Why doesn’t someone get rid of these eyesores?” Or are you a business wishing to display your signs to the public, but have been baffled or frustrated by the legal complexities? We’ve put together the following advice that we hope will help you understand what you need to do before you can put up a banner for an event.

How to avoid getting a ban

  • Talk to a Council Planning Officer

The Council strives to maintain pleasant environments across the District whilst at the same time allowing legitimate businesses to flourish.

Signs, placards and similar – the regulations call them "advertisements" – can be displayed without serious adverse affects if properly designed and sited. Many don’t even require Council consent.

The rules on this are not particularly straightforward but Council Planning Officers are always available to provide advice and guidance.

  • Look online

In addition you can also view these rules – the Advertisement Regulations – online in Related Content

These allow, for instance, reasonable signs to be attached to or sited within the forecourt areas of business premises like shops, offices, petrol filling stations etc. Anything outside these allowances requires formal consent from the Council.

Why we take banners down

As well as being illegal, random posters and banners hastily attached to lampposts, trees, roadside railings etc. are:

  • often unsightly
  • contribute to an untidy or cluttered
  • appearance in the locality
  • can undermine road safety

The Council is therefore keen to ensure that the display of such signs is controlled.

Rochford District Council, and/or Essex County Council when it comes to signs within the highway, will from time to time directly remove unauthorised signs or seek their removal.

The Council is giving some thought to options for making it easier for some organisations to display banners without falling foul of the rules.