31 Barling Road, Great Wakering - Planning Appeal

Change of procedure from Written Representation to Hearing

The Inspector has reviewed this appeal and has decided that a Hearing is required due to complexity and possible requirement to ask questions.

Full details of the appeal are as set out in the start letter below.

The Council's statements and evidence; the Appellants's case and evidence plus Contributor Comments are all appended to their respective tabs on this page.

PDF icon Start Letter for informal hearing.pdf44.07 KB22640
PDF icon Start Letter for written representation.pdf63.05 KB22641
PDF icon Enforcement Notice.pdf10.16 MB22683
Council's Statements
PDF icon Rochford District Council Appeal Statement.pdf316.87 KB22642
PDF icon Final Comments - Rochford District Council Appeal Statement.pdf164.98 KB22643
PDF icon RDC6 - Images of the site pre-development taken from sales details of the property.pdf3.82 MB22644
PDF icon RDC7 - Google Aerial Image - site in context.pdf187.07 KB22645
PDF icon RDC8 - Allocations Plan - green belt.pdf413.77 KB22646
PDF icon RDC9 - PROW map.pdf173.28 KB22647
PDF icon RDC11 - Photographs taken 20th March 2020.pdf1.22 MB22649
PDF icon RDC12 - Site Visit notes 20th March 2020.pdf721.57 KB22650
PDF icon RDC13 - Photographs taken 8th September 2020 v2.pdf14.77 MB22651
PDF icon RDC14 - Photographs taken 21st May 2021.pdf15.54 MB22652
PDF icon RDC15 - photographs taken 18th May 2020.pdf67.55 MB22653
PDF icon RDC17 - 2020 Approved Planning application 20.00321.pdf6.32 MB22654
PDF icon RDC18 - 2021 refused planning application 21.00015.pdf16.57 MB22655
PDF icon RDC19 - 2020 refused planning application - outbuilding 20.00313.pdf5.79 MB22656
PDF icon RDC20 - 2018 Refused Planning Application.pdf38.55 MB22657
PDF icon RDC22 - No 1 - 31 Barling Road Existing Floor Areas.pdf91.89 KB22658
PDF icon RDC22 - No 2 - 31 Barling Road Existing Floor Areas.pdf674.2 KB22659
PDF icon RDC22 - No 3 - 31 Barling Road Existing Floor Areas.pdf479.2 KB22660
PDF icon RDC22 - No 4 - 31 Barling Road Existing Floor Areas.pdf463.94 KB22661
PDF icon RDC22 - Site visit conducted 29th June 2021 - site measurements of the dwelling.pdf626.88 KB22662
PDF icon RDC23 - Foot print of demolished dwelling.pdf11.46 MB22663
PDF icon RDC24 - Ministerial statement on MGB.pdf66.45 KB22664
PDF icon RDC25 - 2019 planning application 19.00747.pdf16.44 MB22665
PDF icon RDC26 - Site Visit Notes 11th January 2021.pdf240.53 KB22666
PDF icon RDC27 - 2020 prior approval application 20.00327.pdf5.06 MB22667
PDF icon RDC28 - 2018 Refused Lawful Development Certificate.pdf4.52 MB22668

Appendix A - 18/00745/FUL 

Appendix B - 18/01195/LDC

Appendix C - 19/00747/FUL

Appendix D - 20/00313/FUL

Appendix E - 20/00314/FUL

Appendix F - 20/00321/FUL

Appendix G - 20/00327/DPDP1

Appendix H - 20/00339/FUL

Appendix J - 21/00015/FUL

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This tab lists all received written rerpresentations received in connection with this appeal

Contributor Statements
PDF icon Redacted contributor letter.pdf3.09 MB22681