Council and Democracy

The District Council is a democratically elected body that provides a range of key public services such as environmental health, refuse collection, street cleansing, leisure facilities, parks and open spaces, and planning.

Information on Council and Democracy

Your Council

The links below contain information on the Chairman and Members of the Council along with contact details for County Councillors, Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament and Parish and Town Council Clerks.

The link to the Council's Committee Management Information System (CMIS) provides information that includes individual contact details, appointment of representatives to outside bodies and organisations, Committee membership history and party representation history for District Councillors.

Contact details for County Councillors Committee Management Information System (CMIS)
Contact details for District Councillors Complain about the conduct of an Elected Member
Contact details for Members of Parliament Information on the Executive
Contact details for Parish and Town Council Clerks Chairman of the Council
Contact details for The European Parliament Speaking at a Council meeting


An image of an election voting form.

Use the links below to find out information about voting and elections in Rochford.

For the results of the elections held in May 2015, please visit the Election Results link below.

Information on Elections Election Results
Information on How to Register to Vote Information on Voting by Post
Information on Voting by Proxy  



District Councillor

Council Composition

The Council is composed of 39 Councillors representing the 13 wards across the Rochford District. Currently the political composition of the Council is :-

A graph showing the composition of the Council.