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GRANTnet - the UK's leading free-to-use funding database

Are you looking for funding for your organisation?

To assist local organisations in their search for funding, Rochford District Council has taken out a subscription to GRANTnet.


GRANTnet is a straightforward free to use service from GRANTfinder, which can help you to identify suitable funding for their activity or project. It allows community and voluntary groups, sports and other clubs, schools, social enterprises and small businesses to search across a huge range of funding sources.

What is GRANTnet?

The main features of this interactive database are as follows:

  • Easy-to-use search tool which can be offered as a single stand-alone source of funding information for enquirers.
  • Up-to-date information on over 6,000 grants and other incentives; GRANTnet is powered by GRANTfinder, a long-standing product renowned for the depth and accuracy of its information.
  • Rapid identification of funding sources specific to need.
  • Data sourced from EC and UK Government sources, including Government departments, local authorities, charitable trusts and corporate sponsors.
  • An Account Profile option, enabling you to store information such as your location and (where applicable) number of employees, removing the need to input the same information unnecessarily for subsequent searches.

How to access GRANTnet

When using the system for the first time, go to the 'New to GRANTnet? Register here' link on the GRANTnet 'Log in' screen. Details to be entered include your e-mail address (this will become the username), name, organisation, postal address and telephone number. Clicking on the 'Register' button will generate an e-mail providing a password within minutes. Using GRANTnet To search the database, the user will need to answer a few simple questions about the project or activity they wish to undertake and the type of funding required. There is a three-stage process and, at each step, there is a HELP screen to assist the user in completing the required information.

Once the information has been submitted, GRANTnet provides an overview of all funding schemes suitable for the project.

When you have completed a session in GRANTnet, details of the final search will be sent to Andrew Lowing, Community Planning Officer, who will be able to offer further assistance if required ( )

GRANTnet  Success Stories

Fairview Pre School

Fairview Pre School contacted Rayleigh, Rochford and District Association for Voluntary Service (RRAVS) as they required to fully refurbish their building within Fairview Park.  On our initial meeting it was requested that they needed to completely update the bathroom so that it was more user friendly for the children.  A GRANTfinder report was put together with a number of funders being listed.  When we met again, it was decided that they approached the BIG Lottery for the Awards for All programme.  Within six weeks of the application being submitted, they were successful with a grant of £10,000.  We then returned to the GRANTfinder report to see what other funds were available so that the preschool could have a new floor laid in the main room and a soft pour play area laid in the garden.  Another application form was submitted to an additional funder for an amount totalling £11,500.  This was also successful and that work has now been carried out. 

Hockley Bowls Club

Rayleigh, Rochford and District Association for Voluntary Service (RRAVS) was approached by Hockley Bowls Club, as they were looking for urgent funding to replace the wooden floor within the club house.  It was set as a priority as the floor was damp and rotting.  A GRANTfinder report was compiled and a handful of funders were chosen to apply to.  Thankfully, one of the bids were successful and the work was carried out before the start of bowling season.  The use of RRAVS and GRANTfinder was such a help that the club then re approached us to seek funding for new windows and then to update the floor in the changing room end of the building.  Funders were once again chosen from the GRANTfinder report and again, they were successful with two more grants.  The Hockley Bowls Club were successful with £26,000 of funding in total.
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